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Welcome to the website of 1go – WEB SERVICES.
We would be happy to serve you.



Trust us

Your website is your company’s mirror. Improve your image and appeal to existing and potential customers. We are here to discuss your objectives together and help you create or improve your web presence. Arrange an appointment to continue the discussion. We would be happy to hear from you.


We started as marketing specialists many years ago and are now instilling digital elements in our clients’ projects. This is our unique selling proposition: we go beyond mere web development. Our digital marketing expertise can help you create content and enable your audience to discover it easily.


Web Design ⦁ E-shops ⦁ Hosting ⦁ Webinars ⦁ Virtual Conferences ⦁ Social Media ⦁ Digital Marketing ⦁ Native Content Advertising ⦁ Interactive Apps ⦁ True Native Video ⦁ Audience & Campaign Targeting ⦁ Reach & Scale Metrics ⦁ Advertorials ⦁ Content Creation ⦁ Creative Storytelling


From webinars and virtual meeting rooms all the way to virtual conferences with multiple speakers, exhibition booths, and sponsors. We offer a variety of sophisticated solutions at attractive prices. We have the capacity to organize and support your company’s webcasting needs -from setting up the webcasting platform to running the event, providing technical support or pre-recording webinar sessions.

webcast solutions


A yoga teacher? An expert ready to reach a wider audience? A teaching institution organizing distance learning? We can assist you kick off your live or automated webinars and attract more business.

virtual selling

When personal selling is impossible or uneconomical, you may deliver an online presentation so as to act fast and earn that client. We have the technology to do it in a professional manner.


Organizing web conferences brings together multiple speakers and attendees from remote locations. Virtual conference lobbies, exhibition booths and sponsor messages create a unique experience.